Monday, February 07, 2005

another semester, another homework assignment...

yeah. homework. it's great. right.

on the plus side, i'm going home earlier than I thought today due to the moving of a meeting. woohoo.

I am already tired, and it's only the second week of class. However, the classes don't look too bad right now, at least. Ask me in a month.

Sent in my YAV application--just the supplemental part to do now. Who wants to be my "personal reference"? Anyone, anyone? I'll be taking applications for the role of "personal reference" beginning now. Applications and Auditions close on Saturday February 12th, in order for there to be plenty of time for you to do it and get it in on time. :-)

Happy Monday! Lots of fun ahead with the homework and the church, and if I get lucky there might even be Buffy in my future. yay!

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