Monday, June 26, 2006


Today, one man has redeemed Egypt.

Jason and I shared a taxi today, though we were going to different places. The taxi driver dropped me at the seminary, then took Jason down to Attaba, the square where the Synod of the Nile office is located. Jason got out of the taxi...and then realized he'd left his wallet. He called me in something of a panic and said he was going to borrow some money so he could go home and start making cancellation phone calls for his credit cards, etc. All we could do here was pray. Unlike American cities, there's no real recourse if something is lost in a taxi. Taxi numbers are relatively irrelevant here, there's no number to call, no way to find a taxi.

About an hour after Jason left me here, I got a phone call from the seminary president's office. The taxi driver was there! I ran over (about, oh, 50 feet) and met him. He had Jason's wallet completely intact, credit cards and everything, and only wanted 50 Egyptian pounds (about 8 USDollars) for his trouble. He said he found it when he picked up someone else and took them across town. He went back to the square where he dropped Jason and looked for him, then he asked about the seminary and rushed back here because someone told him we were only open until 1.30 (it must be the president's office!). He recognized me, of course, and made a big show of telling me--and everyone else--that everything was there and he had driven all around looking for us. He was a truly nice man, an honest Egyptian. It was quite an experience.

Thank God for this honest Egyptian taxi driver.

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