Thursday, June 01, 2006

where in the world is...(are)

So I got the newer version of my site tracker (Extreme Tracking) and now I have the option of seeing what city and state and country y'all are in. And this is really cool. Except now I want to know who exactly this is looking at my blog from Norman, OK, and from Monrovia, IN, and from different suburbs of Chicago and from Pennsylvania and from all over California. I think I know who some of you are (Richardson TX, I know you! Ditto Staunton VA and Snellville GA and Yakima WA!), but there are lots of you that I really want to know.

Also, how come I never get comments? I look at other blogs and they're all commenty. Mine isn't like that. Granted, I haven't been writing exactly stellar things on exciting topics lately, but seriously. Just say hi. It's lonely in this country and getting comments (and emails) makes me happy.'s an idea. Drop me a comment and tell me where you're from. As long as you leave YOUR website address (or name or email or something!), just type in your city and state (or country) and then I'll have something to connect to those random little flags that tell me your city when I hover my mouse (well, my finger, since I have a laptop) over them.

To use a strange phrase I taught my English class last week: "I'm dying to know!"


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