Thursday, August 17, 2006

wednesday stars

*did you know that david hasselhoff is a judge on "america's got talent"? I mean really....who thought of that? have you seen the famous cd reviews on amazon? they even got a mention on his wikipedia entry. (that photo? eew.)

*do people really pay 50 cents to text message their votes in? 10 times? dang.

*I love root beer floats.

*I miss Jason. Calum said the other day that the paradox of human relationships is that you give a part of yourself in order to become more fully yourself...I think that's true and I'm feeling it right about now.

*Are there any books out there where no one has cancer? maybe even where no one dies? I would love to read them.

*I broke my bed the other day (all I did was sit down, but it was apparently the futon's time...) so now I am sleeping on a futon mattress, topped with memory foam, on the floor. It seems so much easier to do that than to unearth one of the extra beds downstairs and haul it up. though I guess I could get my brother to do that for me and i could just supervise. I'm going to think about it after I sleep this way again tonight.

*It's my mom's birthday in a few days. I don't know what we're going to do, but it might involve food. Who knows.

*I have a strong suspicion that I'm going to have to temporarily suspend my dream of owning a hybrid car. I don't have the cash for a super-expensive car and a house. And since pastors living in their expensive cars is generally frowned upon, I think I'll go with the house. Although, I don't have cash for a down payment either (hello, just finished being a missionary!), so I'm hoping that if my dad cosigns then it will all work out okay. any tips? let me know ASAP!!!

*ollie has a boyfriend. Rocky, the neighbors' cat, comes over every night and sits on the porch, mewing through the screen door. Ollie comes over and sits by the door, and they sit there together for a while, and then eventually one of them gets bored and leaves. It's quite funny.

*there were thunderstorms tonight. and then orange sky and orange light...very strange.

*after cooking and eating chinese food, my hands smell like garlic and ginger. that sounds good on food but not on my skin. I need to go make them smell like peppermint or something.

*I'm going to read more of the book that starts out with a mom with cancer....I hope it moves on from that soon because right now it's reading rather like the memoir I could probably write (had I been here during more of the last two years). I don't need to read about that.

*good night.

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