Tuesday, May 29, 2007


thanks for the prayers and thoughts, friends.
The last post was just me being shocked by some news about a friend. Everything is fine--at least I think it is. I've heard from her and while I'm still shocked, at least I know it's for real.

In the meantime, it's been a busy weekend! An APNC hosted 6-month party for me (except I've been here 8 months now...) which was awesome, a birthday party for one of the youth leaders which was also awesome, Memorial Day parade which was surprisingly short and pleasant, and a memorial day/kitty birthday party that moved location due to unforeseen circumstances (and therefore was not a kitty bday party), also awesome. Less awesome: church member that fell from a ladder in a tree (with a chainsaw!) and broke his hip. highly awesome: that he didn't get more hurt. small miracles.

Hope all is well...I have to go get busy for this week now! Worship schedule changes this Sunday, lots to do. Church picnic this Sunday--even more to do! youth group car wash this Saturday, lots to do. In other words...busy-ness ahead!

ready, set....go!!


  1. I'm glad things are "okay" Teri! Your ready, set...go reminds me of Renee and Clay Crosse's newly adopted son, Tian ...he's been saying "1-2-3...Whee" That's tough w/ the member breaking his hip. One of my friends just fell and broke her back, a compression fracture on L1. Falls can be nasty! Hope your full week is full of blessings!

  2. Your APNC hosted a 6 month party?
    Okay, I know we shoudl not envy or covet and so forth.
    But, dang, I didn't get a six monther or a one year party.
    Your APNC likes you better than mine does me! :(

  3. Amy's likes her better than anyone ever...they met with her every month for a whole year! crazies.

  4. Shoot, I didn't get anything for being ordained/here for 5 years!

    SO glad that fall w/ a chain saw only resulted in a broken hip and not broken lives.

    Glad stuff is balancing towards the good right now.