Thursday, July 03, 2008

dreams, songs, and reading

Last night I dreamed about Scotland. Thats right--I had dreams about being a guest at the Abbey where I used to live and work.  The place is gorgeous in my dreams and I know it will be great again in real life too!  Two weeks and one day until I leave.  I almost can't wait...but I have to, so I guess I will.  Especially since I have to lead a mission trip to the inner city first!!!  Focus, Teri, focus...

I think I'm relatively prepared--I think I have enough clothes for the two-trip packing experience.  I'll have to handwash some stuff in Scotland, but that will be okay because we'll be in one place for a week and then another place for 5 days, which is plenty of time to wash and dry.  I'm beginning to think about being email-free for at least the entire week on Iona, though we'll see how that goes now that the Columba Hotel has internet for a mere 50p/15 minutes (that's $4 an hour!!!).  ha!  I am mentally preparing myself for an internet fast.  I mean, on Iona for 6 days I should be able to go without the internet.  Seriously.  It's only the most beautiful place in the world.

In spite of dreaming about Iona Abbey (in my dream I spent some time in the music loft and in the social-justice niche of the church...and outside on a rocky outcropping that is on the other side of the island but in my dream was right outside the Abbey walls) I still woke up with Blessed Be Your Name in my head.  I've been singing that for two days now.  I don't know why, I just know it's happening.  I don't really like the bridge ("you give and take away.. x3..") but the song sure is catchy.  And very Reformed, which I like.  but after 24 hours, I'm a little irritated.  How come I couldn't dream about a Big Sing and wake up with Iona songs in my head?

last but not least on my morning rambling experience here (my jaw sort of hurts on one side so I am writing this from my bed even if it is almost 9am), we had a really interesting Bible in 90 Days class last night.  I was teaching on Kings and Chronicles, and I had every intention of talking about the relationship between covenant-keeping and land-keeping, and coming around to talk about how even though the land was lost, even though the covenant was broken over and over, God still kept God's promise to David.  There are several times when it says that in Chronicles.  But instead of these things I intended, we got into another discussion of how we can put our faith in the God revealed in this book, but still respect people who see God differently.  I blogged a little about it over at the church blog...I'm aware that I'm not always entirely orthodox on this matter but I think and hope that I am squarely within the story we have witness to in our scripture.  I have more things to say about one of the conversations we had last night, but right now isn't the moment for it.  Later, perhaps...

Okay....time to get moving.  Here's hoping advil will kick in soon!


  1. Wish your jaw would finish getting better!

  2. I had an internet fast during our Middle School mission trip the first week of June. People offered to let me come into their office to check my email, but I refused, and it was WONDERFUL. We leave tomorrow on our Senior High trip and I'm ready to do the same thing. It's nice to be away from it for a while!