Thursday, July 03, 2008

firefly season

no, not the TV show...

Summer is firefly/lightning bug season here.  The little lights sparkle around the corn fields (the corn is still short because of all the rain we've had), and the grassy strips along the road are practically fireworks shows.  It is so pretty to drive home at night.  This is one of those times of year when the weirdness of the place I live and work (I live in a thoroughly suburban area, but in the 4.6 miles I drive to work I cross the line into ruralia, with corn and cows being my main scenery within about a mile or so of the church) turns out to be great.  It's pretty dark and there's lots of grass, which apparently is the preferred habitat of the lightning bug.  I love looking at the little sparkles and flashes while I drive.  It makes the whole world seem prettier, somehow.  little lights that light up the darkness.

I did not take this picture...My camera was in my bag in the back seat while I was driving home tonight and everything looked pretty much like this.  This photo is from Flickr and is by cdw9.  If I get a chance before it's too late (what's the lifespan on these friendly little flies?  Like a week?) I'll take one of my own to put up.  For now, thanks cdw9!

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