Tuesday, December 02, 2008

a few days later...

sorry for not posting more the last couple of days.  I am still obsessing about the worker killed in a rush of consumer madness.  I just cannot believe that people were upset that they had to stop shopping and leave the store.  really?

It also makes me think:  if we can be so callous as to kill someone for a good deal, no wonder we don't care so much about children making our clothes and shoes and trinkets in sweatshops.  No wonder we don't lobby for a living wage for factory workers in the developing world.  

And no wonder manufacturing has moved overseas--where we can't see the poor working conditions but can reap the benefits in the form of cheap products...for which we are willing to sacrifice a life to get on sale.

I'm trying to get into the Advent spirit, but I just can't.  What are we waiting for?  


  1. Hi Teri. First, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm very happy to "meet" you. We aren't too far apart. I live in Zion.

    Second, I am equally disturbed by the WalMart incident. It shows such screwed-up values. It also hit home really hard to me because my father was a WalMart greeter from the ages of 75 to 82. That crowd would have trampled him in an instant. If people would only see workers in low-paying jobs as humans instead of drones, we'd all have a lot more dignity.