Monday, December 08, 2008

self-aware much?

So, I'm a 7 on the enneagram.  There are some gret things about being a seven.  but, as with any personality, there are downsides too.

When sevens are stressed, they tend to move to the negative traits of a 1 (the perfectionist type).  One of the typical traits of a 7 moving to the negative side of 1 during stress is to think in terms of black and white and to KNOW they have the truth/are right/whatever.  They also tend to feel a pervasive, low level of irritability during this kind of stress.

When I re-read this (my small group is currently exploring implications of our personality types for our spiritual lives and practices), I laughed out loud and then started thinking about my previous post and other positions of my liturgical high horse.  I think some of this is going on...and I know the root of the stress, which is not going to go away (and, worse, this is of course self-perpetuating because obsessing about ideas/projects/people/situations/etc is another of the characteristics sevens in this situation work against).  So the question is:  how can I be conscious enough to stop myself when I see these traits coming out...and how can I move myself more toward the positive parts of my 7 self?


(more info on the enneagram here)

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  1. Hmmm, indeed. Glad you have a group to discuss this with. I have some preety tough negatives that go with my enneagram also.
    Toughest is the tendency to take things (over the top) personally