Monday, April 05, 2010

best shape ever!

I, like Amy, am working on getting into the best shape of my life this year. Let's not call it a goal...let's call it being healthy.

I have a Wii Fit (thanks dad!), and I love it, I play it every day except Sunday. On Monday morning, the Wii Fit asks me "so, too busy to work out yesterday, eh?" Well, yes. On Sunday I *am* too busy to work out. LOL. (sorry, that wasn't the point) Now that it's sunny, I can go for walks in the park near my house, too--yay! I've also been more careful about what I eat--I gave up fast food and pop for Lent (and I'm keeping them out until the cruise is over, due to the need-to-fit-in-my-dresses thing!).

So I did the monday-morning-body-test on Wii Fit, and discovered...that I've stayed the same. That's right, through last week's partying (Mexican food, margaritas), bad choices (bottled frappuccinos), and Easter (mmm, cadbury eggs--thanks dad!--ice cream, mashed potatoes, the biggest green bean casserole ever, and some wine...), I managed to keep the same weight and a slightly better center of balance. woohoo!

Two weeks to cruise! :-)

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