Friday, May 14, 2010

it's time for an awesome weekend...

The 30 Hour Famine is underway! No more eating until dinner tomorrow night. We have a busy weekend planned even as we're fasting--we'll be learning about homelessness, working at the Food Pantry, going Cosmic Bowling (no snacks!), clearing out a vacant house and donating what we can to a local non-profit thrift store, and searching for donations for the food pantry. We'll also watch Food Inc and worship and study the Bible and's a busy weekend!

Once that's over...time to write a sermon. Sunday we have worship at 830 as normal, but at 930 and 11 the youth will lead worship and present selections from Godspell--awesome! Then a fabulous potluck (what am I going to bring???) and the Youth Auction (live! a live auction is a fun new twist on the service auction this year)...and then in the afternoon the confirmation class will meet with the session!


See you on the other side.

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  1. Whew is right!
    Take good care of yourself (even if after the fact...)