Wednesday, May 05, 2010


We had a gorgeous day yesterday--sunny and breezy and perfect for the ice cream I ate for lunch. :-)

Today started out cloudy and icky, but the sun may be on its way again...

If only the rest of my life were sunny too.
In an effort to shoo clouds out, I hereby proclaim that the following things are NOT OKAY and God should outlaw them immediately (in no particular order):

1. cancer.
2. parent-days (you should take the time to appreciate your mom/dad EVERY DAY, not just the day Hallmark tells you. Trust me, it's worth it--and then maybe I wouldn't get 5000 emails reminding me to love my mom. Too late.)
3. people who cheat on their families.
4. dirty dishes that for some reason don't wash themselves.
5. cat throw up.
6. suicide, whether on purpose or accidental through thrill seeking.
7. natural disasters (flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc)
8. carpet that reveals just how much cat hair is on the floor.
9. insanely busy weeks.
10. children dying of hunger.
11. written statements of faith (especially when used as a litmus test). (the confirmation class this weekend proved that collage, praying in color, and music are much more effective.)

I think that's a pretty good list for God to start with. There may be more lists to come, who knows. Once God gets started on this one we can work on the next one.