Saturday, November 13, 2010

not playing on purpose

I confess that I didn't play the Friday Five yesterday on purpose. I could have--I have answers for all those questions, I had the free time, etc.

But I didn't do it because I'm just not ready to think about snow yet. The photo there looks exactly like my backyard will look any minute now. The cold and gray and snowy blah of winter is on its way--we've already had a reprieve of almost a month, so I know it's going to be here soon and it's going to last a lot longer than I want it to (I can handle snow and cold and yuck for about 6 weeks...then I'm just annoyed/sad/bitter/frozen).

So I didn't play the Friday Five because maybe if I pretend it's not about to be snow season, it won't come. that works, right?


  1. Yeah, sure , that'll work

    Mind you I am sure that since I hung last night's laundry up inside due to a forecast of snow/rain mix it should stay nice and dry outside today...

  2. You can come visit Alabama! I'm still wearing short sleeves and flip-flops! I'd love to share the sunshine!

  3. giggling...oh, I so understand. six weeks is plenty...yep