Friday, September 13, 2013

weekend interesting

The internet was down at church all week.


You might be wondering how I had time to come across all this interesting stuff then. There's a LOT of it, after all. This will probably be the longest post on my blog in....ever.

Answer: smartphone. I gorged myself on the internet while I was at home, instead of doing things like sleeping and exercising and cooking.

Here's some of what I came across. My empty fridge testifies to the amount of awesome on the interwebs in the past 10 days or so...

The future is here! This is every bit as cool as the movie that came out the same year it was launched.

Yep, the future is definitely here. Maybe we could start living in it.

Except sometimes we're caught up in the past. Does re-living 9/11 end up shaping our future in ways we don't want? We’ve seen the dangers of being defined by one horrifying event. We’ve watched as other cultures have re-enacted the wrong done to them, but been blind to the ways we’ve done the same. Yes, it was awful and terrifying and wrong, and we grieve with those who grieve and for the families of those who thought this was the way forward. And we also remember that it is not the way forward: we must go on as the best version of ourselves, not the worst.
These people said it way better than me.

Speaking of the past eclipsing the happens at church too. (okay, it mostly happens at church.) 

And why is that? Every church says they want innovative leaders that will move them forward. There are bajillions of creative people leading congregations (and bajillions more who want to lead congregations). So why is it so difficult? Well, because as much as we want to think pastors can do it all, we can't. And this is DECIDEDLY one thing we can't do. We can offer tools, hold out a vision, and do our best to create a culture, but the reality is that we're not in charge of this one. you are.

If you are looking for some inspiration though, say, to be an agent for good in the world, here's some. Maybe we could even apply some of that inspiration to our church communities.

First step toward changing our communities? THIS. Our Jewish brothers and sisters and in the midst of High Holy Days...and that always makes me wish we had a period in the Christian calendar that was so specifically focused on forgiveness--as in, asking for and extending forgiveness from and to other people. Literally. Like we had to actually practice out-loud reconciliation in church. (Go ahead, try to tell me that's what Lent is about. I wish.) Imagine how our church cultures might be different if we did some truth-and-reconciliation work.

Of course, there are also plenty of other realities that the church is ignoring. Like, you know, this one.

The situation in Syria gets sadder and sadder. It is one of my favorite places I've ever visited, so my heart aches. It's complicated, of course. Our Christian friends have some things to say too.

On an apparently completely unrelated note: the way we talk to each other matters. (not just about teenagers!) 

And this is one of the ways it matters. (warning: tissue alert)

The way we talk to ourselves, or hear ourselves talk, matters too. Ladies, you know what I mean. Stop it.

And in the HAHAHAHAHA department...

There's been a ton of discussion about why millennials are leaving the church. I still maintain that they mostly weren't there to begin with, but aside from that, THIS.

While we're at it, pay close attention to this unexpected reality.

And then, to make us all feel knew the cat hadn't moved from that spot since you left the house. now there's proof.

Happy weekend reading!

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  1. I love a lot of these very much, especially the 23 things. Thanks!