Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five: Favorites!

It's been a long time since I played the Friday Five. This is a great one to get back in with! Jan asks for our favorite:

1. food: Mashed potatoes, of course! mmmm….potatoes…last week I made mashed potatoes with purply-blue potatoes, which was super cool! I wish I'd taken a picture, but I was busy eating them.

2. drink: since she didn't specify alcoholic or not, I'm taking the opportunity to list one of each--though my favorite alcoholic drink is kind of a toss up between the chocolate martini and the french martini (made correctly, anyway). My favorite non-alcoholic drink is Dr. Pepper, though I hardly ever drink pop anymore. I drink a ton of water, honestly.

3. animal: panda! closely followed by kitties, naturally.

4. color: purple! though my favorite color for clothes is burgundy.

5. time of day: late afternoon, when it's about time to cook dinner, the sun is setting, and the work is "done." (ok, as done as it's going to get…)

 Bonus: Any favorite you haven’t mentioned above that you want to bring up!
My favorite place! ok, who are we kidding, I have lots of favorite places, depending on the category. favorite restaurant, favorite US city, favorite place in my own city, etc. But my favorite place in the whole world is right here:

which is directly across the island from here:


  1. Aw… deep sigh at Iona… I miss it so much! I keep telling everyone the beaches in Scotland are the most magical in the world!

  2. We are in Dr. Pepper land way down husband likes diet cherry Dr. Pepper. I've never been a fan of mashed potatoes, though I've wondered about making them with half cauliflower, which my two vegan daughters swear is much better. Although I've been to Scotland, I've not been to Iona and would love to go. Beautiful pictures.