Thursday, January 02, 2003

to the tune of "Singing in the Rain"

I'm Shopping in the snow, just shopping in the snow....
bare shelves at FAO, oh wouldn't you know...
the store, it's closing, oh me, oh my,
must go to Borders, and it's snowing outside...

yes. i did much shopping today. FAO is closing and everything is 75% off! very cute things, purchased by me. then a trek to a few other stores, all in that obnoxious snow-globe type snow. you know, little balls, falling from the sky. UGH. thankfully, by the time i was ready to walk home it had stopped...but i'd already walked a good mile or so in the snow between stores. good times!

right, have to pack now...moving to a different apartment for the next week. when you next hear from me, the view will be better. ta!

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