Monday, January 06, 2003

tomorrow i begin the testing process that will make my psycho.

oh, wait, it's supposed to evaluate whether i'm already psycho.

or maybe it's supposed to determine if i'm psycho enough to be allowed into the ministry.

in any case, it's three days, 6 hours a day (not including a one hour lunch it's really 7 hours). "psychological evaluation" is what it should be called. however, at the place where the presbytery of chicago sends us, it's called "candidate assessment". which essentially means that before we can become candidates, they determine how crazy we are and then use that information to decide whether we are worthy to be considered for the ministry. yippee.

so, the new poll is going up and is very week-oriented. you don't have a lot of time to vote, so hurry up. after this is all over i'll be putting up a new poll based on suggestions from y'all. which means that y'all need to give suggestions.


i'm going to bed so they don't call me crazy when really i'm just sleep deprived.

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