Tuesday, January 28, 2003

well well well. day ... something ... of the internet free experience. so far, so good. I check my email about twice a day, and I've read some really interesting stuff in actual books and magazines from the church so far. i've also cleaned my room and when i get back over there i plan to wash my dishes! can you believe it? i'm not completely out of dishes yet, and i'm washing them. granted, it's close, and i don't have any more bowls, but really--i only have four bowls to begin with. so that's pretty good! once school starts i will maybe use the time to do homework! i've also discovered time for working out, which is great. i feel better already, and hopefully will be able to keep that up. :-)

i'm supposed to write my job description of my work study job, by thursday. does this sound fun? no. any suggestions for slick ways to make my job description sound either/and 1) more fun/interesting than it really is, 2) more work than it really is, or 3) somehow very bizarre? remember that i work in the spirituality office and the chapel. hmm...i really just need one sentence or so that i can slip in somewhere that will make people smile. anything, anything?

who here thinks of the ark (as in Noah's ark) as a "safe place" or a "refuge" for the victims of the world's wickedness? this was a main point in today's sermon in chapel. i think it's a little shady as far as the biblical text goes. i mean, really, God is the victim here and is taking action against the perpetrators of evil--people--and conveniently decides to keep a few. God doesn't hide out in the ark, though! and it wasn't really an option for people to take refuge in the ark--unlike in the church, to which the preacher likened the ark--because it was by invite only that people got in. in the church, though, people may choose to go there for a safe place. hmm. anyway, the sermon was quite good, but the best part was when she made the point that you can't stay in the safe place--you have to go back out into creation and work for God's kingdom in the world, you can't just stay in your safe place--in your church, in your Montreat, in your Iona Abbey....yeah. that was good. but the church as ark, i'm not so sure about. whatever. i'm done now...and i'm going back to work on my job description and my dishes. maybe i'll even read a book or something this afternoon--now that all my boxes from home are here, i have classics available for rereading! woohoo! i also have new books from Christmas to read, and i could always write letters or something to people who have written me...................
i wish it was pub quiz night, but it isn't. sad. there's no 24 on tonight either. grr. what will i do with my evening?
ideas freely accepted. :-)

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