Monday, May 24, 2004

Amman, Jordan

I've just finished a week in Syria, which was AMAZING. Lots of great people, big cities, desert, nice hotels, good food, shopping (but I've not bought anything!), mosques, castles, and roman ruins. lots of roman ruins. in fact, so many that they look very similar to me right now and therefore I am no longer taking photos of roman ruins that all look the same. differences that make the ruin: what are the columns made of? (some from Egyptian granite brought here from Aswan. some from marble. some from local stone.) how many temples? to whom? are there churches? is the stone white, red, or black? do people still live there? how long has it been an important site? (since the bronze age, or only since the bce/ce switch?)
In any case, we've looked at a lot of ruins. a lot. and there are more coming. but this weekend: climbing Mt. Sinai!! with camels!! then we swim in the Dead Sea! And on to Jerusalem, then a day at a resort island in Greece, then home. it sounds so quick, but it's two more weeks.
Amman is nice so far. Jordan is supposed to have great jewelry. we'll see if I come home with any. I'm trying to curb my materialism, so I've only bought postcards--which means i don't have to take as many pictures! we'll see how that goes.

anyway, that's all for now. good times in the middle east, where it's hot and we eat hummus twice a day. :-)

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