Sunday, January 30, 2005

tomorrow, tomorrow...

School starts tomorrow. Last semester! I am a mere 15 weeks from graduation, people. 15 weeks! AAAA!!!! What am I going to do with myself? besides, you know, all the stuff I still have to do in order to fulfill the requirements of my presbytery. hmm..

On the upside, my afternoon class was cancelled for tomorrow (prof out of town) so I won't be going from on-call to class, i'll be going from on-call to home. yay! Hopefully the power will be back on, because otherwise my newly purchased milk, for which I had to risk my life and use my four-wheel-drive yesterday, will be no good, and I will be sad.

and that's life. four wheel drive, hospitals, no class, and 250 pages of the private life book to go before Thursday. yippee!

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