Thursday, February 01, 2007

emergent mainline

This seminar is pretty good...I'm enjyoing myself, meeting people, hanging out with old classmates, and enjoying being "out of town."

but here's the thing I'm missing: a center of God in Jesus.
We're all about our experience, we're all about ways of organizing (or not), ways of proclaiming, ways of whatever...but without the explicit center, what does that mean? Are we a community gathered around Jesus, or a community gathered around our postmodern experience of ourselves?

I think we assume the center, but it's not being said, and that worries me.

What excites me? Imagining our story together in a different way, re-writing our narrative, plugging into the greater story in a way that is renewing and whole-making rather than destructive. We can hope, people.

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