Saturday, July 21, 2007

BBC headline

"Final Potter book revealed"

And that is the end of my checking the news, or any other media outlet, until I get back from this trip and have a chance to read the book for myself.

Do not..I repeat, do NOT post any comments here telling me what happens. I will hunt you down and the scene will not be pretty. I'm going to be a week behind--it will be hard enough to not find out anything until then without people putting it on my blog!

No more more surfing...I'm done until I can read for myself, beginning on the 29th. boo!!


  1. What WS says. It's a major bummer. And who knew that Dubledore was actually Voldemort's father...oh wait, was that Star Wars?

  2. wow, what meanines, good thing they're lying to you!!! but seriously, when you get back and you're finished reading... can you call me so we can talk about it!?!?

    i miss you!

  3. Nah, but Dudley kills off Voldemort in the 5th chapter and the rest of the book is an expensive coloring book!

    JK!!! Hehehe ;) Sorry, just couldn't resist the fun! Prayers for your remaining days away, and enjoy the book when you get home! --Karla

  4. HAHAHA!!! Thinking about Dudley killing Voldemort made me laugh out loud, and it's only 7.04 in the morning on our third day. That's pretty good--no coffee yet.