Thursday, July 12, 2007

tireder and now with a cold

this time, Harry Potter kept me up.
Went to the midnight show of Order of the Phoenix last night.
It was quite good.
Possibly even awesome.
A different mood from the other movies.
quite a few differences from the book, but at least the movie still contained character development (unlike Goblet of Fire).
Less talking, more feeling in this movie.
It was very good.
Dark, but good.
Best line? hmmm...would need re-viewing to confirm, but I think Snape's second line might be it. "obviously." ha!
enjoy...and I'm taking my sore throat and stuffy nose to an early bedtime tonight!


  1. i saw it last night, too! woo-hoo! 'cept eddie's work got us pre-screening tickets so i didn't have to stay up so late to see it.

    i thought it was the best book to film adaptation yet for hp.

    me liked it. i can't wait for the new book now!

  2. I sent my husband with the youth group (sad abuse of a spouse, huh?), and he says the favored line was "It was wet."

    But now I need to go see it!

  3. Hey hope you are feeling better. Thanks for your review of the movie.