Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Orleans, day 3

It was another busy day. My group went to a new site in a new neighborhood, right by the Six Flags. We could see the roller coasters from the corner, but of course they aren't running--the park has been closed since the storm.

The neighborhood was much more damaged than the one from the previous day. We could see water lines, the windows were blown out, the brick facades were damaged, the whole neighborhood was nearly deserted. The kids did a lot of really good work--they brought the ceiling down and all the insulation out, they gutted the second floor (not in that order!), and a group made short work of another person's yard...all in 2-1/2 hours before a thunderstorm came through and lightning put a stop to our work.

Last night's fun was the masquerade dance...the youth were awesome about making their masks and costumes. They were instructed to "imagine who you really are" and then make a costume that reflected their true selves. It seems to have gone reasonably well--we have two clowns, two princesses....average! :-) the dance was a great time, and everyone went to bed exhausted at the end of our third day.

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  1. My kids, my sister and I went to that Six Flags about one month before Katrina.