Friday, July 27, 2007

how you KNOW it's bad

(if you couldn't tell already, that is...)

Now, I have many many issues with the big W-M, so I can't say I feel sadness for the corporation when I see this sight. But I feel sad for the bigger picture of which this is just a small part.

There are more extensive reflections and many many more photos over here...enjoy!


  1. What you may or may not know is that the completely empty "building" next to this Walmart, the one that is just the steel skeleton frame of a building....used to be a Sam's.

    And that the empty property across the interstate, the one that still had an old Grand Movie Theatre standing....that was an entire shopping mall.

    Thank you for coming down here to help.


  2. Sherry--
    we were glad to do what little we could in a week. We heard this morning that the week of camp produced 3500 hours of work...but that needs to happen every week for years for this to be cleaned up.

    I did notice the movie theater on the other side...this whole area was crazy with the closures, and we drove by every day so we had plenty of time to comment.

    Thanks for stopping by...