Saturday, July 07, 2007


I haven't been writing much lately...I noticed as I went through my blog archives to write my 1,000th post that my blogging habits wax and wane much less regularly than the moon or tide or even the fortunes of the Cubs. Sometimes I write tons--lots of short posts every day, or medium-to-long ones several times a week. Sometimes I write very little--there's an entire year when I wrote less than 100 posts (unusual for someone as verbose and extroverted as I am).

I have been reading a lot lately, though. I canceled my cable TV so now I get zero channels. I have extremely fair skin and have already sustained three sunburns this summer, so I'm trying hard to stay indoors. I loaned my season 7 of Buffy out to a friend, which is no excuse for not watching Buffy since the previous six seasons still sit on the shelf. I've been cooking a little more, but nothing terribly exciting--just taking my farm-fresh veggies and turning them into dinner a couple nights a week.

Maybe I've not been writing because I don't generally blog in the daytime (since I feel like I should be doing something else with my "work" hours--ha!), and I tend not to take my computer home at night unless I really need to. I am not good at not checking my work email, for instance, if I have my 'puter handy, so I just leave it in my office Monday night to Thursday night, and then have it at home one my days off. (yes, I sometimes check my work emails on my days off, if they come from youth. But I don't answer them until Monday unless it's an emergency.)
Maybe I've not been writing because my life is full of things I can't write about here--namely church, church, and church.

I want to be writing more. I can tell that I need to write more if I'm to keep any sort of writing skills at all. So perhaps, soon, I will take up more regular blogging. I will try to remember some of my stories, stories I feel that I've lost and will have to work hard to retrieve from vaults deep in my memory bank. I will maybe just write about mundane things, or maybe about interesting things. Maybe I'll even figure out an interesting and amusing (and still confidential) way to write about church--who knows? (that sounds much harder, though, so....not yet.)

That's all. I'm off to the farmer's market now, in search of fruit. :-)

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