Sunday, July 08, 2007


I stayed up too late.

Anna Carter Florence's book Preaching as Testimony kept me up.

Well, that and the laundry I had to do in order to have a top to wear this morning. I neglected to remember the laundry during the many hours I was home and awake during the day, so had to put the load o'laundry in at 11.20.

And my washing machine doesn't advance from wash to rinse, so I had to stay awake until it was time to click it over manually.

That means it was midnight by the time I both finished the book AND dealt with the washing machine.

The book was awesome--I didn't want to put it down.

The clothes are clean and I am dressed.

But I'm very tired.


  1. I love the book too....have fun when you go to the conference in DC.....hope you get a nap today.

  2. Sorry you've got the laundry blues. I loved Anna's book also.
    Thanks for your post about wedding stuff. It helps to hear form other folks. There are honestly a lot of things you just don't think about.
    Anyhow, thanks.
    Check out my blog. I posted new pictures of my kitty. He is such a ham!

  3. Oh, I am staying awake reading Anne Lamott's Plan B.

  4. you know.

    If you know ws, you know.