Friday, August 10, 2007


well, the week with the young clergy women (and our slightly older facilitators/mentors/faculty/group leaders) was fantastic. I am glad I came. I met loads of fun people, had a good time, and heard amazing sermons. Not to mention that I love Anna. Plus now I have most of a sermon for August 26 ready. woohoo!
This afternoon when we finished I went over to the National Cathedral and purchased a stuffed gargoyle. It's awesome and I'm excited to put him in my office with glide-action Jesus and some other inanimate friends. :-)

Now we're off to a hotel where we'll spend the next couple of days hanging out in downtown DC and visiting other churches on Sunday. Good times await....ta!


  1. have fun! we'll miss you here while in the board meeting.

  2. the bored meeting?

    I hope it's all good.... :-) We'll think of you as we get pedicures and drink iced lattes from the starbucks inside our hotel. If you want to come play, call! umm, I bet I'll see you before I actually leave so I'll give you my cell number.