Sunday, August 12, 2007

from east and west: techno remix

A night on the town in DC includes:
--fantastic clothes and shoes;
--even more fantastic friends;
--a hip club;
--an hour of dancing;
--people watching the amazing mix of ethnicities and cultures;
--returning to the hotel to eat ice cream.

The club, Lotus, was fun and expensive. There were lots of beautiful people there, some American Indian, some Asian, some Middle Eastern, some African, some vague Euro-American, and probably much more. It was fun to watch people dance, to watch people drink, to listen to all kinds of standard radio music of the 80s and 90s in techno remix...and to think "we are preachers...why don't we have our next sermon texts here so we can practice dislocation????" Also we realized that we are old for our generation. Very old. So old that one hour of loud music, dancing, flashing lights, and cold mists were more than enough for us.

We are 27.

A good evening. And now time for sleep, as tomorrow is Sunday!!


  1. so old... my feet hurt and I can't hear.

  2. i'm jealous that you you went out on a saturday night. impressive.

  3. believe me, it's the only time we can do it--when we're away from home and planning to go to worship at noon!

  4. I think a sartorial post is definitely in order, as long as you're not a) reviewing the clothing seen at the conference, or b) giving foundational garment advice. We're scared of the former and have had quite enough of the latter.