Sunday, August 19, 2007

new foods

tonight I ate TVP for the first time. It was not bad. I mixed it with kidney beans, cooked barley, onions, green bell peppers, tomato sauce, and fresh yellow tomatoes. It didn't even need cheese.
I also ate not-the-usual eggplant but instead a rounder, white (with a hint of purple) eggplant for the first time tonight. It was good. I turned it into a variation on the "eggplant sandwiches" recipe from the farm newsletter this week. Their recipe involved breading the little sandwiches (made from eggplant and cheese). Instead I put down a layer of nutritional yeast on the pan, then eggplant slices, then fresh mozzarella medallions, tomatoes, and basil. Topped with another eggplant slice and some parmesan shavings. baked about 20 minutes, then sprinkled with salt and pepper and ate. yum.

Then I was wishing desperately for some of the cookies that are in my office right now. I contented myself with Trader Joe's Mango Sauce--like applesauce only better because it has nothing to do with apples. everyone knows that only homemade applesauce is good. But who has the patience to make mango sauce? Only my friend Trader Joe. Thanks Joe.


  1. Holy cow that sounds amazing. And I've been wondering what to do next with all the pretty eggplant thats in season here!

  2. mmm, eggplant. Summer has the best food: eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes....

  3. Do you use the frozen Boca or Morningstar crumbles? They are basically the same thing as TVP, but without having to reconstitute it yourself. But the dry TVP is a lot cheaper.

    The eggplant sounds yum.