Monday, August 20, 2007

brief whine

it'll be brief, then over, I promise...

...I do not like rainy summers. I do not like humidity. It's icky outside and I want it to stop. Where are the sunny, warm but not roasting, summer days? where where where? rain rain, go away, and take your stupid humidity and clouds with you.

...I am in need of Senior High Youth Group leaders. I am praying hard that someone will step up and say yes when I ask, but so far....

...Even inside my house is humid and I can't do anything about it. gross.

...I do not like ironing.

...September is only two weeks away. How is that possible? How is one supposed to do all of the tasks required by September in a mere two weeks? (I know, I had all summer....except for the mission trip planning and going, and the week away at the preaching conference with fabulous young women clergy...yeah, all summer. right.)

...I want to eat ice cream every day and not get fat. why is that not possible?

At least it's not polluted and humid like it was in Atlanta. I guess there's an up-side to everything. dumb silver lining.

{end whine}


  1. ...well, the sunny warm, but not roasting days are here! We don't often get them but boy we have them right now. Before you get all jealous, humidity is coming soon. I hate humidity, but my sister reminds me that living in humid places makes your skin look younger once you turn old and gray. So there's that.

  2. Yeah, down with humidity! I'm sick of it too.

    I hate ironing, too. I'm no good at it, which makes it hardly worth the bother.

  3. If you can figure out that ice-cream thing, let me know. And, unless you want to face serious temptation, do not try Ben & Jerry's cinnamon bun ice-cream.

    My mother is the queen of ironing. She can iron a pleated linen skirt and it looks fresh from the cleaners. And she loves it, too. Finds it relaxing. Go figure. You could send your stuff to her and she'd be glad to do it!

  4. You can eat ice cream every day and not gain weight. You just have to hand-dig ditches for a living or some other incredibly lively occupation.

    They put a pedometer on Amish farmers not long ago to see why they don't gain weight though they eat like horses. The secret? Boy do they work hard. One guy walked on average 20 miles a day during plowing season, behind his horses.

    The rest of us will have to find some other way, I guess