Wednesday, August 08, 2007


There are lots of fabulous women here. Lots of fabulous preachers here. Lots of people my age here. Who knew that there could be so many people in these overlapping categories?
I want, though, for there to be a day when we aren't "young" clergywomen--we're just clergywomen. Our age brings specific issues, issues that we need to talk about. I guess I just wish we weren't defining ourselves this way so constantly.

The preaching in my group yesterday was amazing. Tomorrow we all preach new sermons that we write in the next 26 hours. I suspect it will be amazing again.

Also amazing: the new friends, the meeting of blog-friends, and the companionship of other people on the same way.

It's like a huge blog meetup, really: St. Casserole is here, Stacey is here, Pastor Peters is here, Nueva Cantora is here, Amy (of course) is here, Erica is here...there are more, but those are the ones I know about and can name off the top of my's fab.
edit: umm, I left out the anonymous bloggers. ReverendMother and the Polar Bear are here too. And some other people I didn't even know were bloggers until today, but now we're all friends. yay!

Today we are going out on the town to do the DC thing...and we're all carrying with us (either on pieces of paper or in our heads or both) the stories for our new sermons. Maybe something will cause us to be brilliant here in our nation's capital. Wouldn't that be a new thing for this town... ;-)


  1. aw. i'm so flattered. though i wonder where you all went. hope to see you later by the mini fridge to lament about the non-existent sermon.

  2. Hee. My own mother enjoys chopped liver.

    I wonder if she ate it while I was taking up residence in her and if so, if that has anything to do with me being veg now... I shall go and ponder this instead of my sermon.

  3. I haven't seen you at the conference, Teri. We must be running with different crowds. I really liked the speaker who talked about women in ministry.