Wednesday, August 01, 2007

a week at home

In my one week at home between mission trip and preaching conference, I am working on:
* Kick Off Sunday and the ministry fair that goes with it
* Worship for this week and for August 26 (when I preach next)
* Next year's Confirmation Class--schedule, field trips, information, mentors, and lesson plans
* Youth Group plans
* Children's Worship Workshop plans
* Brainstorming a new Wednesday evening program and what we should call it
* Checking in on youth and friends whose grandmother died this week
* checking in on college students before they head back to school
* pretending to do above things while checking my own Facebook account
* getting a pedicure and a haircut (hey, I deserve them after "working" in the sun and heat all last week!)
* perusing potential lay-led adult education materials
* contemplating small groups
* session meeting (only 90 minutes! new record...)
* working on a new child protection policy and its attendant forms and necessities

It's been a busy week...and it's only Wednesday. dang. I used to wonder what pastors did with all their free time during the day. Now I know.


  1. Contemplating small groups...check out 2 books by Jeffrey Arnold, "The Big Book on Small Groups" and "Starting Small Groups: Building Communities That Matter." Both great resources.

    I want to talk to you some time about your confirmation mentor system. Trying to get some ideas.

    By the way, I have joined the world of Mac with a sweet 2.16 GHz white MacBook.

  2. welcome to MacWorld! It's awesome, isn't it?

    Call me sometime and we'll chat about mentors. Thanks for the book recs--looking for them now!

  3. Suggestion for your midweek program's name:

    Midweek Manna

    I used that name for our Wednesday evening program at my previous church where I was DCE. The name caught on very well and covered everything that was offered: dinner, brief worship time, CE classes for adults and youth group for middle schooers.

  4. Thanks QG! I'll float that as an idea!

  5. my church just did the protection policy and forms last year - you can download them from our website youth page under forms:

  6. Thanks Katie--that was really helpful.
    Do you happen to have e-copies of the "Addendum A" forms like for volunteers and Sunday School and whatnot? If so, can you email them to me? That is some of where we are struggling. We do have a lawyer (member) we are working with, but I'd like to have it pretty well organized by the time we send it to him.

  7. Teri - I'd love a copy of your final product or draft to have as a sample for the YMLI certificate program - we could use it in multiple courses. I'll get a copy of Katie's, too - it is always good to share best practices such as these - Neema C-F from PGA will also gather some from around here.

    Many thanks- enjoy a quiet day I hope....