Sunday, October 07, 2007


I feel that I have really had my call as an Associate Pastor confirmed recently. The last two weekends on my own with Senior Pastor away have shown me my gifts, and they do not lie in the areas of remembering-everything-involved-in-communion-sunday-alone, preaching-every-week, or organizing-people-to-do-things-for-you-ahead-of-time. I could probably preach every week if it weren't for all the other things--if I had an associate to take care of programs and a good volunteer base to take care of dramas, table-setting, ushers, communion servers, or whatever. And I suppose I would remember details as it became more rote for me to go through the movements myself. but wow do I not want to be alone in this. So I guess I could maybe one day be the SP but I'm definitely not called to be a solo pastor! It's about all I can handle to do it alone for two weekends, let alone all the days in between!

so, if I was looking for it: confirmation of my sense of call: check.
now back to your regularly scheduled Sunday naps (or confirmation class, in my case....).


  1. I wouldn't rush to judgement on this. Once you're an old hand at this, I'll bet you'll be champing at the bit to be in charge more often.

  2. I agree with PCIT.

    Being a solo and being on staff (and taking on the HOS job without putting down your own responsibilities isn't equivalent to being a solo) are two markedly different critters. Different sized churches, different pastoral models, often.

    Give it a shot in a year or two and tell us what you think then!


  3. Echoing PCIT and Dave (who also happens to be my hubby!), being a solo pastor is very different than being on staff and being HOS. In seminary I had never considered solo pastor positions. I had always felt called to be an ap. But somewhere in the process, I realized I was looking at more solo positions than ap positions. Then I talked with a trusted pastor and told him I didn't think I had the gifts to be a solo pastor. He said simply, "you'll learn." Believe me, I'm not the most organized person in the world, and many times I'm not a detail person. But that's where really good committees come in - the worship committee completely takes care of such things as setting up Commmunion - they will occasionally ask how I want something, but they take care of it themselves. They often remember things that I don't! After awhile you get used to the rhythm of preaching every week. And a good, healthy congregation will be forgiving of the little mix-ups here and there. They just really want to know that you love them and will be there for them in a crisis.

    Sorry this is such a long comment! Just wanted to add my voices to those saying give it some time, you never know what God will call you to do!

  4. You're right, of course...I will not say "never" (I know better--God laughs and laughs when I say such things) and I don't claim to know what God will call me to in the future. If indeed I end up called to something I don't think I can do right now, I'm sure I will discover heretofore hidden gifts or be given the opportunity to develop them...or at least find lots of great volunteers.
    But for the place I am now, both personally and professionally, I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I'm currently called to do. And that's kind of a good feeling, you know?