Thursday, October 18, 2007

puter sick, and other tales

My 'puter has had a kernel panic issue for the third time in 6 months. It has gone to the MacDoctor and will hopefully be returned or replaced sometime in the next week. In the meantime, I am at the mercy of office computers (which are all windows) so my puter life is mostly on hold for a little while. It's hard to be away from your email when you didn't really plan that! (now when you do plan it, it's a beautiful and liberating thing....but unexpectedly? no.)

In other news, my dad has arrived and we are going to play. Saturday we have tickets to the ballet--Joffrey doing Giselle! I am very excited. Sunday is church day and David LaMotte is coming!!! (yay for a really fantastic birthday present!) Monday and Tuesday we go to Wisconsin for some "pretty"--since apparently Illinois is ugly? Good times.

A bunch more episodes of Cadfael came in to the library today so I am looking forward to watching them sometime soon. I asked for episdoes 5-13, and they had to be brought from another library because we only had 1-4. Interestingly, I got all but 10 and 13 today. Luckily, it's not critical that they be watched in order. It's an amusing show. I know I'm super behind, since it was on PBS 14 years ago, but whatever. It is entertaining me now! And the library, man--who knew they had so much great stuff?

My birthday is on Sunday! woohoo!

Okay, I am going to do some work that doesn't involve my computer. I hope it comes home soon....


  1. We do get so attached to them, don't we?

    How special that you get to celebrate your birthday with your dad. Have a wonderful celebration!

    btw, sorry if I went overboard in my previous comment regarding your post on being called to be an ap. It is such a blessing to have that affirmation deep in your heart that you are exactly where God wants you to be.

  2. I have a CD with the music from Caedfel's show. Being a fan of early and medieval music, I really enjoy it.