Thursday, October 11, 2007


Oh no! Tragedy in the buffyverse! Fox has (hopefully temporarily) pulled the licensing for showing any of their shows in theaters, which means no more Buffy-Sing-Along. boo.
Show your support for the funnest few hours of good clean fun you can spend starting at midnight! Learn more here. I am too traumatized to write more. After having such a great time when I went this spring, I was so looking forward to the next time the show would be anywhere nearby....alas, not for now.

I continue to wait with hope...

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  1. Hello - I'm sorry for your loss! ;)
    I wandered by to say that I was just reading the bits I missed from the comments in the Preacher Party last night, and saw that you'd been watching Cadfael... Yay, I love Cadfael and have them all on DVD (saddo confessional!). I am a Brit RevGal - is that a good enough excuse?