Friday, November 16, 2007

Apple Care

Apple Care is a good thing. I love my macbook--it's cute and personable and generally does what I want it to do.

It also does some things I don't want it to do--namely, kernel panics. Suddenly, in the middle of formerly harmless activities like sermon writing, blogging, facebook-checking, blog-reading, emailing, playing Scrabulous, listening to iTunes, chatting, etc......this screen appears. It's commonly known by me and several other mac users as the "gray (or grey) screen of death." There doesn't appear to be a pattern to the madness. Sometimes I will have 6-10 in a row--including having it happen when I am restarting from another one. This is where AppleCare comes in--it's the service/warranty program that allows me to call or go to the store without paying an arm and a leg each time. I have spoken with the AppleCare people probably 15 times. I've been to the Genius Bar 5 times. One of those times they took my 'puter away and fixed it and gave it back to me 5 days later. I was good for 10 whole days after that! Two of those times I've been at the Genius Bar for more than an hour while they fixed the problem. Every single time I go there, the grey screen of death is elusive. It seems it only happens when there's no Apple Genius nearby.

I have reached the end of my patience with this problem and how it's been "fixed" many times now. It's time for a new computer. That's what I'm going to tell the product specialist I am waiting for now. I've only been on hold 35 minutes so far--that's better than yesterday, when I had to hang up and go to a meeting after an hour and twenty minutes (10 of which I spent talking to the tech support guy who answered the phone, then took pity on me because I've called so many times for the same problem).

I'm putting this on my blog partially for the publicity of a problem and partially so I won't lose my nerve when I finally get a product specialist on the phone. I am not going to send my computer to them, I am not going to go back to the Apple Store so they can take my computer away to be "fixed" again. I want a new one. Something is not right with mine that all the previous repairs have not solved. I am resolved, I am firm...I can do this. Without being mean (you know, I don't want to be "that customer") and hopefully without crying.

Pray for me and my 'puter...and maybe for the Apple guy (or girl) who comes on the phone!


  1. Apple Care sucks. Demand a new computer. Be firm. Be mean. Be me!

    Jeff (the mac expert) says you could have bad ram, a bad logic board (possibly bad video card), or an overheating problem. Apparently Apple Care sends everyone's computers back the first time saying they're fixed when they are not. If you paid for that service, demand they actually fix whatever is wrong.

    Good luck!

  2. I haven't paid for anything--except the AppleCare plan.

    I've had the RAM and the logic board replaced already. the guy on the phone said that it sounded like a hard drive problem--bad news for me.

    I wussed out a little, though I did ask nicely, toward the end of our conversation, if I might be able to get a new computer. He said I could ask for a new computer but until they have the opportunity to fix it one more time--this time at the mail-away-place--I won't get one. But if it happens again after I get it back this time, I can demand away and I will get it.

    Since I'm going to visit Susan in Long Beach Monday-Friday, I won't need my 'puter as much anyway. I just hope I can get it back promptly when I return!

    (right now I am running in Safe Boot after much shouting at the 'puter to stop with that dumb gray screen!)

  3. Be firm - this ain't right to have so many problems. Have a great vacation, Teri.