Friday, November 09, 2007


I'm off to the Presbytery Senior High Retreat--good times! 169 participants are signed up this year (including adults), so we are looking good. The musicians and speaker are ready, the small groups are planned, the workshops are prepped, the housing situation is ALMOST ready (got some news this morning that means I have to do some re-arranging, but whatever), I'm headed up before everyone else to make sure everything is in readiness....I'm very excited. Lake Geneva, here we come! (and Geneva Java, in the basement of the old First Baptist Church, get ready for me. I'm going to need you!)


  1. Teri-
    Have fun! Hope it's a great weekend in lake Genevs!

    (I'm a friend of Jan at A Church for Starving Artists and a college of Tom, who'll also be at the Presbytery retreat. Love your blog.)