Friday, November 16, 2007

learning stuff

So at Tuesday's interminable-feeling Presbytery meeting, I learned new stuff about polity--namely, how to introduce a substitute motion and what happens after that. I think the Moderator was learning along with the rest of us, but it all went well. Our substitute motion failed, of course, but so did the main motion, so all is well (from my perspective on polity, anyway). Who knew that a Presbytery meeting could be so exciting?

Walter Brueggemann used to mark up all the papers I turned in to him with "don't start a sentence with so!" Obviously I have not learned this lesson. It's a speech quirk that I think is common in my generation, and since I write the way I talk (generally frowned upon in academia), sometimes sentences begin with "so..." Plus, if you are stating a conclusion in an academic paper, wouldn't you be allowed to start a sentence with "so"??

Anyway, that's all for now.


  1. "Hence" or "thus," Teri, not "so." Shame, shame...

    But in blogging and conversation, anything goes. =)

  2. Therefore, in summary, in conclusion.....but blogging isn't formal academics so you go right ahead and say so...

  3. but who says "hence"? I mean, really. We clearly have an issue in academia of training people's voices right out of them. If one is supposed to write in one's own voice, how can one do so if constantly told "don't start sentences with 'so'"?

    Just saying. :-)

    This is precisely why I'm happy to be done with school. Well, that and worrying about grades! ;-)

  4. I take that back--I do say "hence" sometimes. Mostly to sound pretentious. :-)