Monday, December 31, 2007


The best laid plans do change, don't they? My most-of-a-week of vacation plan was changed rather suddenly by a death in our church family. My plans to post something brilliant to my blog this week were changed by the fact that the book I was reading kept requiring me to do research. My plans to think of myself as a well-read person were changed by reading The Gospel According to America, the book which not only required research but has now lengthened by reading list. My plans to write something about the new year and all that stuff were changed by the fact that I needed a post-funeral/pre-train-ride/pre-staying-up-late nap. So did my kitties, so that at least sort of worked out....

Perhaps when I come back tomorrow night I'll have witty things to say, observations to make, and bits of the book to share. In the meantime, enjoy your parties, be safe out there....and, of course, make exciting plans for a new year! (But be prepared for them to change! God loves when we make plans...)

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