Tuesday, May 06, 2008

gifts of the spirit

This is what our worship environment team has dreamed up for Pentecost. They did the installation after worship last Sunday, and it is very cool! A few strands of doves have fallen and will need replacing last-minute, but overall it's excellent! They are very gifted people.

a little closer....with the lights on it casts cool shadows on the apse!

and here it is from lying on the floor... :-)


  1. That is amazing!! Props to the worship team! I'm just thinking about setting the sanctuary on fire.

  2. Wow, that is gorgeous!
    (We could use a good fire at my church.)

  3. That is gorgeous. You should have that written up and sent to Reformed Worship for next year's Pentecost issue (which comes out in like November). It's really creative and lovely.

  4. Incredible, I've sent it to my worship team leader for next year. Send a picture to textweek.com for her to highlight. great stuff, blessings for Sunday