Friday, May 09, 2008


I'm irritated with google right now.

You know that to use blogger you have to have a Google Account, right?  I have a Google Account with the same yahoo address I've been using for many years.  But in order to chat with the RGBP board I needed to be able to googlechat from gmail, so I had to sign up for a GMail account.  Apparently I'm not smart enough to sign up for gmail with my Google Account address (because it didn't work in the heat of the moment when I needed it) so I got a new GMail account with the same username as my Google Account/Yahoo email.

Now I want to merge them because I can't be signed into both Blogger and GMail at the same time, which drives me nuts.  But guess what?  Can't do that.  And I can't delete my GMail account and start over because my yahoo email address "is already taken" for Google Accounts.  YES, of course it is!  By ME!  And you can't contact the google help people--you just have to use the troubleshooting/FAQ pages.  Well, that's too bad because THAT'S NOT HELPFUL.  I am screaming at my computer screen.

So now I have a new gmail address for chatting purposes and it is linked to my current Google Account but it is NOT the same username and that's very irritating.  and if any of you work for Google, you should know that this is a clear flaw in your system.  Just saying.


  1. Oh, don't get me started on that one.
    I have a gmail with my real name. I don't blog with my real name. So anytime I'm signed in to gmail, I have to sign OUT in order to comment on a blog, if they don't have the open ID configured. So I just refuse to comment on those blogs.

    But I don't understand why Google thinks it should attach everything to blogger. A LOT of bloggers don't want gmail. Or don't want the same user name on google and blogger.

    Google is being kind of dumb.Rich, but dumb.

  2. And to bring this full circle, you wouldn't have needed to Google Chat if doggone AOL had been functional that night!!!

  3. So I totally got an email from Google about this!! Funny. The guy said that I could, under permissions in blogger, add my gmail address and make that address also an admin, and then I could sign in to both gmail and blogger with the same address.

    Unfortunately, I already made a new gmail address the right way from my google account/blogger/yahoo email. sad. but good to know for the future!

    Also, if you desire to contact google, apparently you should skip the help pages, and blog about it. :-) Thanks Ray!