Tuesday, November 04, 2008

the big day

It's finally here.

Perhaps now the signs will disappear, the arguments will end, the ads will stop.

I work in a building used as a polling place.  The cars park pretty much right outside my window.  It seems to be taking an average of 8 minutes for people to leave their cars, go vote, and come back to their cars, which means no long lines!  But there are a TON of people coming and going, and people are also parking along both sides of both streets out front.

Tonight, after the Taize service (assuming anybody comes to the Taize service...), the PFC is having an election-watch party.  There's food.  There's champagne.  There's hope...or the ability to drown our sorrows if necessary.  :-)

Busy day!  Here's hoping for a good end...


  1. Happy post-election day again! All of my propositions passed! Hurrah for parks, Pike's Place and Public Transit!

  2. wow. You had fun. I had a little over an hour wait and no champagne