Friday, November 21, 2008

you know how sometimes... don't write for a little while because either things are really busy or you don't have much to write about?
And then it becomes a habit, not writing.
And then even when you want to write, everything you have to say is either unbloggable church stuff OR would take more energy than you have to articulate clearly.

That's me right now.  I'm okay, I'm alive, but I'm tired and a little overwhelmed and really looking forward to a bunch of things, among them...

* tomorrow night's St. Andrew's Day dinner.  It will be probably the least vegetarian friendly thing I've ever been to, but I suspect the level of fun (bagpipes! cocktails! fancy new dress! friends! scottish dancers!) will make up for it.

* going to the opera on Wednesday.

* Thanksgiving.  I love mashed potatoes so much.  And I'm thinking of making a butternut squash something too.  Maybe risotto...I love risotto.  And what better time to eat mashed potatoes and risotto at the same meal than Thanksgiving, the holiday of the carbs?  Of course, I could end up just eating mashed potatoes (only) because that would be so simple and require so little work on my part...

* Advent.  I think it might be weird to look forward to Advent, but I actually think that this year my life will slow down during Advent.  I have fewer church program responsibilities then (retreat's over (and was great--must blog about that next week), Youth Sunday is in two days, Thanksgiving will be past, only two youth ministry events during Advent, etc etc) and I don't preach until the 4th Sunday of Advent (Dec. 21) so I might get to actually take days off and do silly things like go to the gym, cook actual meals, keep my house clean-ish, play with my kitties, read princess books, read real books, etc.  Imagine that!

* Christmas.  On Christmas Day I fly to SoCal for a week of fun in the sun with my fam.  San Diego Zoo, here I come!  I can watch the pandas in real life, not just on the panda cam.  woohoo!

So...that's me right now.  I'll try to get back into the discipline of writing, I swear.  after Youth Sunday and the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service (for which I am preaching), both of which are this Sunday. week...


  1. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I can't wait to see you in January -- I miss you!

  2. I feel the same way about mashed potatoes and stuffing (not stuffed in the bird) at the same meal!

    I'm looking forward to Advent, too.