Saturday, August 08, 2009

Friday Five: hobbies and (gasp!) sports...

I haven't played the Friday Five in a long time, but since the sermon fairy is still MIA...

1. Is there a sport/ hobby that is more of a passion than a past-time for you?
reading. napping. sitting around. I love these things...and could do them all day for weeks if I were allowed.
To say that I am NOT sporty would be the understatement of both this and the last century. I have recently tried out ballet...I wouldn't call that a success though I'm not quite giving up yet. I practice yoga. I do indoor rock climbing sometimes. None of those are passions, though, they're definitely run-of-the-mill hobbies. Ditto walking (for exercise or to go places). Otherwise, it's all about the reading and napping and thinking. :-)

2. Outdoors or indoors?
INDOORS!!! I like the outside...and I like it to be outside. I can look at it from a window, or go out for short periods for some fresh air and sunshine, but mostly I like things I can do inside. No bugs, easier to control the temperature, comfy furniture, my it's easier to read inside. No need for sunglasses, no glare off the pages, no chance of getting a sunburn (which takes me about 8 minutes).
I do keep my windows and sliding glass doors open pretty much any time the temperature is above 60--does that count at all?

3. Where do you find peace and quiet?
Unless the weather is changing (causing the cats to go crazy!), inside my house. It's a pretty quiet place since I have no TV channels, no radio reception, and no other human beings who live here. I love to sit/lay on my couch or in my bed and just hang out.

4. A competitive spirit; good or bad, discuss...
Depends. I certainly have one, that's for sure. Don't ask my friends about my board game strategies...let's just say they involve WINNING, or else. ;-)

5. Is there a song a picture or a poem that sums up your passion ?
I don't know if this counts, but I have this canvas bag (I use it for groceries!) that says on the side: "books. cats. life is good." that pretty well sums it up!

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  1. Reading + napping = 2 of my favorite things! Sounds like we've got some stuff in common. Thanks for stopping by. :-)