Tuesday, August 04, 2009

what is a spiritual practice?

Some of you may know that my friend Amy and I have been researching and working and are now finally getting around to writing some stuff for a new book on spirituality for a new generation/young adults. It's very fun to work on, even if it does mean sucking up all my procrastinating tendencies and actually doing stuff.

Well, recently (thanks to reverendmother) I stumbled upon a blog series at Godspace called "what is a spiritual practice?" Lots of different people are contributing essays on spiritual practices, including things like driving, washing the dishes, and yoga. So I thought I'd see if I could excerpt a bit of what I've been working on and send that in...

and here it is! An excerpt of a chapter titled "Between the Sheets" from a book with a title so tentative I'm not going to tell it to you right now...but don't worry, it's awesome.

Be sure to check out the other essays in this series too--they are really good!


  1. I really liked this, Teri! Good job! I talk to people all the time who say how frustrated they get because they fall asleep in the middle of their prayers. I always say, "What better way to fall asleep than with your thoughts turned to God?!"

    I'm currently working on a book with a (non-pastor) friend of mine on the fruit of the Spirit and how we can better live them out in our daily lives. I'll see if I can slip "sleepiness" in as a fruit for you...

  2. Nice! I fall asleep that way, too, often.

  3. What a great resource to which you've pointed us...and what a great contribution you've made!Thanks!