Monday, August 03, 2009

how did this happen?

How did it get to be August when the vast majority of things I need to do this summer are still undone?

Things to do, in no particular order...

* watch the Saving Jesus dvd curriculum and decide if I want to use it. If not, find something else.
* get serious about lesson plans for this year's confirmation class. Granted, it's the same curriculum as two previous classes, but every class is different and this one will be no exception! Gotta at least plan a month or two to get my other adult teachers on board.
* finish the 4 books I'm reading and get started on the next 4 on the stack.
* visit elsa in maine! I've never been to Maine, so I'm very excited about this. I'm also very excited about seeing Elsa's new house, and maybe meeting Songbird, and maybe having better weather than here, and maybe relaxing for even a few minutes! yay elsa!
* clean my house before going to Maine, and set up a cat-sitter for that 5 days.
* preach this Sunday on last Sunday's David and Nathan text.
* youth group planning. for two groups.
* initiation planning--in the final stages now, but still with tons to do!
* get all the annual medical stuff out of the way BEFORE the program year starts. Ditto car stuff and cat vet stuff. I think Andrew has the same thing Ollie has--he has been suspiciously sneezing the last few days.
* make a schedule for Sunday adult ed, including the spiritual gifts class (taught by someone else) and the Inquirer's Class (taught by me, somehow).
* figure out a dream budget for the ministries I'm "in charge" of and also a practical one.
* dream up ways to help people in the church understand giving/stewardship as a spiritual and whole life issue, not a pledge-card-in-October issue.
* find more youth leaders.
* talk with the confirmation mentors RE their responsibilities and the schedule for classes.
* desperately attempt to actually EAT the stuff that comes in my CSA box and not be seduced by macaroni and cheese.
* figure out the possibilities of yoga, pilates, and ballet classes in the fall. (yes, I'm thinking of doing it again, hopefully better this time!)
* pray, a lot, for the PNC and the candidate who is perfect for us, who must be out there somewhere!
* visit people.
* write.
* catch up on months and months worth of magazines I'm behind on (including, but not limited to: Presbyterians Today, the Christian Century, the Outlook, Group Magazine).
* sleep.

yeah. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a busy month...with a great break in the middle!

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