Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When I woke up this morning, I had a mashup of Ants Marching (DMB), Istanbul (they might be giants), and Run Runaway (Great Big Sea) going on in my head.

How on earth did you guess that this morning I am up ridiculously early to teach some of our youth to lead energizers?

That's right, it's VBS and our VBS is in need of some...energizing. :-) We're in Africa for VBS--there are large african animals everywhere, there are Baobab trees all around the church building, and there are some suspiciously african looking (and sounding!) drums going on down the hall.

So this morning we'll have...completely NOT African-themed energizers. Because I don't have time (or energy, ha!) to make up a new one, so we'll be doing some classics.

So, my Presby-geek friends and fellow youth leaders, fear not! Another generation of energizer-crazed youth is on their way!

(I wonder if I can get a nap after the kids go off to their rotations??? LOL!)

(PS--wondering which of those energizers I'll choose this morning? Answer: none of the above. I think we're going with "Revolution" because it's so repetitive....)

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