Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting ready!

I'm getting ready to be gone for a week...a week spent mostly at the Young Clergy Women conference. This year it's in Atlanta, which will be H-O-T but also has some serious advantages...the restaurants, for one. And the friends with whom I can stay for a couple post-conference reading/writing days for another.

So, how does one get ready for a week spent with other women clergy under 35?

Well, first one buys enough of Jaci's cookies to last the week. (sorry, I only bought one for each day for myself--that's all I can pack--so the rest of you will have to drool over her menu in awe.)
One gets both a pedicure and a haircut, of course.
Then one prints out one's boarding pass, and uses the online time to check facebook and twitter.
Then one makes sure to eat as much of whatever's in the fridge as possible. (in this case, I'm leaving a bunch of polenta and some spinach, but hoping for the best. Maybe I'll take the spinach to share the bounty...)
Then one does laundry, and looks at the dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher (which may require unloading said dishwasher), but instead checks facebook and blogs, all while the Roomba does its thing.
Then one ensures there is enough cat food and litter for the week, and that the catsitter has keys (she does).
Then one buys a new fluff book for the plane and another new book that everyone's been talking about.
Then one talks to one's best friend and conference roommate to determine whether it's possible to share any of the packing (for instance, toothpaste, which for some reason never quite fits into the 3-1-1 thing.).
Then one chooses which clothes to wear, determines the availability of an iron at the conference location, and puts everything into the suitcase.
Then the cat sits in the suitcase as well, registering displeasure at the arrival of this black box on the bedroom floor. He/She may also be signaling approval or disapproval of clothing choices, but it's hard to tell when they're sitting on them.
then one takes a break from all this hard work (ha!) to check facebook and write a blog.
Then one pets kitties and contemplates the dishes again...but instead goes to stare at the suitcase and attempts to discern what is being forgotten.
Then one checks the weather to determine that it will in fact be very hot and humid and will likely thunderstorm every afternoon.
Then one facebook chats with a bunch of people, to pass the time even though it's beginning to get late.
Then, at last, one tackles the dishes, finishes the laundry, and closes the suitcase until the last-minute things (the 3-1-1 bag, for instance) need to be added in the morning.
And then there's sleeping.
And upon waking, there's going to the conference to be with fabulous other young women!!

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