Tuesday, June 29, 2010

talking, laughing, singing, and glitter glue

We had a great first day of the conference--creative worship opportunities abound, as does laughter, learning, and glitter glue.

That's right, glitter glue.

Because what's a conference about leadership without a little glam???

We made collages to help us think about the characteristics of healthy Adaptive Leaders...everyone's collage included some form of yoga (flexibility!). Ours also included such gems as a bird cage (don't keep people in the box), several pairs of eyes (gotta have vision!), and the statement "they love what they do and it shows." And, of course, plenty of glitter--a reminder to stay focused not on the shiny things but on the big picture and vision. :-)

So far we've talked about adaptive challenges, we've learned both from coaches and each other, and we've had some good late night conversations over a glass of wine.

And we've discovered that the hotel breakfast is...not. So right now I'm off to Panera before another day!


  1. Ah, glitter: the herpes of craft supplies.

    (WG taught me that.)

    (WV: glitil. I swear!)

  2. HA!

    (this is why we used glitter glue instead of glue and glitter--less mess to clean up...)

  3. So...more like the gonorrhea of craft supplies?

    (Sorry. I worked in reproductive health for ten years...)